Offices in East London

London is the economic centre of the UK. Although most of the activity that goes on is often thought to relate to the business of the City, there is much more to it than that. All over the capital, there are business centres and office blocks with many large corporations having their headquarters outside of central London. The East side of London is a popular place for many business operations with a wide variety of commercial sectors being represented. In the East End, close the City of London, you will find a great deal of small, agile financial services companies who like to be close to the larger operators. There are also many hi-tech businesses and new media companies in the part of the capital, too. Further afield, you tend to find the regional offices of well known companies such as British Telecom.

Silicon Roundabout

There are very many offices based around the roundabout, which has an underpass system that connects it to the Underground network, at Old Street. This part of East London is typical of the areas that lie in close proximity to the City of London. They are crammed with hi-tech firms who offer anything from innovative software solutions to satellite communications systems. Many people refer to the area surrounding Old Street's roundabout as Tech City because of the large number of technology-based companies in the area. It has also led the way with flexible work hubs and so-called agile working. Of course, there are plenty of technology companies that have been based in offices in the region over many years. However, there are also start ups who occupy offices which can be rented on a weekly basis, rather than requiring a long term commitment. There is also a good deal of choice with shared offices, where it is possibly to rent just a couple of desks. This sort of thing is now quite common place all over the capital, but it is the offices around Silicon Roundabout that innovated the idea and for which it is still probably best known.

However, it would be a mistake to think that the offices around Old Street, just to the north of the City, are only populated by hi-tech start ups and SMEs. The area is also home to many community organisations and not-for-profit groups. You can also find public sector organisations in the same few streets as well-known internet age companies, such as and Google.


Another area which is very close to the City of London, without being a part of it, is Whitechapel. Situated in the true East End, there are very many offices on the Whitechapel Road, the Mile End Road and around Brick Lane, which is famous for its vibrant nightlife. In the 19th century buildings that tend to dominate the area, office spaces are generally located above retail units on the ground floor. However, you also find the occasional large scale office blocks which usually date to the 1960s and 1970s. A typical office space in this area of East London - which does not have many low rise business parks, due to the price of land - is Coppergate House Business Centre. The building was originally a Victorian grain mill and a warehouse. It now functions as a business centre for a range of SMEs offering both unfurnished suites as well as serviced offices.


Further East, the rental prices demanded for office space remains high - this is London after all - but you can find more affordable suites. Since it was redeveloped for the London Olympics which were held in 2012, Stratford has been something of a hot spot. The public transport network was dramatically improved in the area in the run up to the games, meaning that Stratford is now one of the most sought after zones in the capital. Stratford Business Network, which is a stone's throw from the former Olympic site, is a typical example of the sorts of office development that you find in the area nowadays. It offers business mentoring services and accounting for start ups as well as the office space itself.

The North East

In areas of northeast London, like Walthamstow for example, much of the space is given over to residential housing. Nevertheless, there are plenty of business parks where you can find offices to rent. These tend to be of the low rise variety with workshop and light industrial spaces included, too. Because it takes that much longer to get into central London, you can expect the rental prices to be that bit more affordable. There are also some local government led initiatives where start ups and SMEs are encouraged to locate. Lee Valley Technopark is a typical example of the sort of thing, which occupies a site near to Tottenham Marshes. It is run by Haringey Council and has a wide selection of office suites and smaller units.