Meetings in London

There are countless venues in London to host a meeting with a client or colleague, including popular hotels and restaurants. The choice often depends on the audience, the purpose of the meeting and the budget. The atmosphere of the venue will also play an important role in influence a choice that both impresses the people you are meeting with as well as helps you achieve your meeting objectives.

Impressing Clients during a Business Meeting

Regardless of where you are meeting, the best way to impress a client is to choose a location that is centrally located. Always choose a location that is easily accessible and provide clear directions. If organising a meeting, arrive early in order to greet clients when they get there. Never arrive late to a meeting that you have been invited to attend. Your attire should reflect the audience, the purpose of the meeting and the venue. If meeting in a casual coffee shop, dressing down might be appropriate but your choice in clothes should always remain professional. Business attire is generally a good idea when meeting with high profile clients, while formal wear might be needed for a fine dining restaurant.

Taking the time to select a meeting venue that is interesting as well as providing amenities to make the meeting go smoothly are simple ways of impressing meeting participants. It is also important to choose a meeting site that is relatively quiet. The location should also be comfortable and have the amenities needed to conduct the meeting. If you are making a presentation, ensure the venue offers audio-visual equipment you might need. When meetings are more casual, opt for a place where you can have a drink or meal. Provide refreshments when organising a meeting in a meeting room or boardroom. If meeting outside of an office environment, consider a unique location with 'wow' factor so that your client leaves with a positive impression, whether it is a talked-about restaurant or beautifully designed space.

Top Restaurants for Meetings

When choosing a café, restaurant or pub for a meeting, you should ensure that the space is comfortable and quiet. Any location that is too busy might interfere with the meeting. Before choosing this type of venue, visit it at around the time of the planned meeting to ensure it is the right place to host a productive discussion. Choose an atmosphere that reflects the tone of the meeting and the audience. A casual pub might be a good spot to have a meeting with colleagues but may not necessarily be the right choice for investors and other high profile clients.

Some of the best restaurants for meetings include L'Anima. Close the City, the bright and elegant layout features floor-to-ceiling glasses and sophisticated white décor. Sushisamba London on Bishopgate offers stunning views of the City with dazzling bamboo decorative elements. The menu features a fusion of dishes from Japan and Peru. For a more period setting, Galvin La Chapelle is based in the 19th century St. Botolph's Hall near Spitafield Market. The fine dining restaurant also features a more casual space with outdoor seating. Other top choices include Goodman on Maddox Street in Mayfair, Bam-Bou in Fitzrovia, Les Deux Salons in Govent Garden, Portal on St. John Street in Clerkenwell, Delaunay in Aldwych, Hutong in The Shard, and Greenhouse at Hay's Mews.

Top Hotels for Meetings

Meeting at a client's hotel, especially one who has travelled from abroad, is a great way to leave a positive impression. It demonstrates that you are flexible and respectful of their time. Even if a client is not staying at a hotel, they remain popular choices for meetings. Whether having a discussion in the lobby or a restaurant, there are a range of informal settings to organise a meeting at a hotel. Many hotels also feature boardrooms and other meeting spaces for enhanced convenience. Most hotels in Central London also feature Wi-Fi and business centres to help a meeting go smoothly.

One of the top London hotels for a meeting is The Savoy. In addition to world class restaurants and tea room, the hotel features a range of spaces to host meetings with natural light in Edwardian and Art Deco settings. The centrally-located Hilton Metropole is also a popular choice with a comfortable lobby and ample meeting rooms. After a meeting, a wealth of dining choices is available to continue a conversation over a drink or meal. Other good choices include the Hotel Indigo in Paddington, the Montague on the Gardens Hotel in Bloomsbury, the Apex City of London Hotel and the Hilton Canary Wharf.

Other Top Locations for Meetings

Shared offices, workspaces and co-working office space across London offer convenient meeting locations, including cafes and boardrooms. While some of these meeting spaces are available without charge, others can be booked at modest fees. The Google Campus in Tech City is a great location for a meeting. As one of the top tech locations in London, you will be sure to impress any IT clients or partners. The Google Campus features welcoming open spaces to arrange an informal meeting, as well as on-site café.

For a more unique setting, some of London's top attractions provide a memorable location to host a meeting. The London Zoo is easy to get to and features a welcoming restaurant and other dining options for a meeting. Rooms can also be booked for meetings. When you are at an impasse or need a break, the London Zoo is a great place to go for a walk and clear your mind. The Tate Modern also provides an inspirational location to organise a meeting. Wander around the venue with a client or choose a quiet area in Turbine Hall, or meet in the café or restaurant. Choosing these venues and others like the British Museum are also opportunities to show off London to clients that may not be in the city for very long.