Offices in South London

There are office spaces all over South London. Although large parts of the capital are given over to residential areas - and this is certainly the case in South London - you are never more than a mile from an office of some description. Office blocks and large workspaces that cater for big companies tend to be located in the more central areas of Southwark, Lambeth and Vauxhall, but there are certainly offices and business parks which are in every other neighbourhood, too. Each of South London's boroughs has its own administrative centre and there are usually private offices that are located close to the local authority ones. Just outside of London, areas like Croydon have some sizeable office blocks and even the occasional skyscraper.

Rents vary all over South London. As you might expect, higher rentals are demanded by landlords who have office spaces in central south London and cheaper rents tend to be found further out of town. Having said that, proximity to public transport is one of the key factors when it comes to rental pricing. If an office block or workspace hub is close to an Underground station, then expect competition for it to be that much more fierce and the rental prices to reflect this. Overground train services tend to come next on the pecking order and finally the proximity to bus stops and interchanges. Because, relatively speaking, South London is not well served by tube stations, rental prices reflected in the proximity to public transport is even more acute in this part of the capital than it is in West or North London.

The River

The Thames is one of the most attractive things about working in London. South London has some great riverside office blocks. In Vauxhall, there has been some significant riverside redevelopment in the last decade or two. Usually, the buildings that have been constructed are of the steel and glass-fronted variety. You tend to find mixed use buildings in this part of South London, where residential apartments, office spaces and street level retail lets are all mixed into the one building.

Moving further down river into Southwark, the river fronted properties are more established and have been in situ for more than a few decades. The Financial Times building overlooks the Thames in this central part of Southwark. In the near vicinity you'll find shipping companies and a little further along the river, there are creative companies that are clustered around the Oxo Tower near to ITV's headquarters. If you head further on, past London Bridge where the huge Shard is located, there are a plethora of offices near to the river front that have been converted from old 19th century warehouses. The rentals are high here, reflecting the trendy nature of the area. A little further on still, close to Tower Bridge, there are some large offices which have been developed in the last few years overlooking the river, close to the Mayor's office.

Business Parks

Although high rise office block development tends to be centred close to the river where the price of land is at its peak, you can find tall buildings that serve as office spaces dotted all over South London. Nevertheless, the south side of the capital also has quite a lot of low rise business developments and business parks spread around it. This is the sort of thing you find in every regional town in the south east and the rest of the UK.

Garrat Business Park, in Wandsworth, southwest London, is a typical example of the sort of low rise development which South London can offer. Located on a multi-use industrial estate, the business park has suites of offices that cater for SMEs rather than large corporations. Indeed at any one time, there are about 60 or so small businesses that operate from its premises. Brixton, which is well connected to the rest of the capital by multiple train lines and an Underground station, has several small business park developments in the vicinity, such as Bizspace and the Eurolink Business Centre.

Further out of town, Bromley is another place where you will find more than one low rise office development. Here, as elsewhere in southeast London, there are serviced offices, shared workspace hubs and business parks which are focussed on attracting innovative companies, start ups and hi-tech firms. As mentioned, as soon as your search for an office building or a business park gets away from central south London, the rental prices tend to drop. However, in places like Bromley, New Malden and Croydon, you start to get close to the M25 ring road. Offices which have a convenient junction of the M25 motorway nearby tend to be able to demand higher rentals. As such, getting the right office space in the right location can be a bit of a balancing act in the southern half of the capital.